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Battlefield - season 26 - 1989

The Wedding of River Song - series 06 - 2011









Students Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul — Menu-Item Snapshots Spell Out Why

Wow that is depressing. 

okay but is that michelle’s fault for pushing for healtheir lunches or is it school districts’ faults for cutting corner by cutting calories but not making lunch any healthier?

let’s look into it.

Yes, thank you. Because yes she is pushing for a healthier lunch, but the schools still value football over feeding their students, which means that instead of providing enough healthy food to keep their students from starving, they are cutting down the amount of food available to fit within the caloric requirements … while then taking the money they saved to re-sod the football field for the third year in a row. Maybe new uniforms.

thank you for adding that. i really really doubted michelle wanted this to happen.

okay this is not michelle obama’s fault, this is the school district’s. my school has a new salad/healthy choices line and some of the theatre kids at my school made a “rap" about it to put on youtube. Here is a speech she made reciting that exact rap about it. my school is doing well, i don’t know about you other school districts.

I’ve always found it confusing how other countries provide lunch. Not that it’s a bad thing at all. Canadian schools tend to either provide nothing at all or have cafeterias where you have to buy lunch. The cafeterias tend to be large corporate chains that are expensive so most avoid em. Not that the food is any better then the pictures above. 






This, everyone, is Danny Lopez, aka “DannyWiiU”, “DannySNES”, “dannydsi”, and a bunch of other names involving Nintendo consoles. He’s a creep whose Twitter feed consists ENTIRELY of asking women to burp for him and make videos of them burping. Plus trying to get 15-year old actress Joey King to unblock him from Instagram and Vine. Make of THAT what you will.

Recently, he threatened to rape Lindsay Ellis, rape all female producers for Channel Awesome/Chez Apocalypse/TGWTG, and kill her boyfriend (ToddInTheShadows) and their dog Kali. He is currently under investigation by the NYPD for these threats, and Lindsay has blocked him on Twitter.

Danny is not very clever, since he thinks that someone blocking him means he can continue to make these threats. He is mistaken. I’ve screencapped these for the attention of lindsayetumbls, partly because I don’t know how to submit them to her, but also as a signal boost. If you see him make any threats to anyone, screencap them, post them to Lindsay, and move on. These are all being used in a case against him.

Thank you.

Oh! But wait! He hasn’t stopped there!






I have to assume at this point he’s doing it out of spite. Regardless, at this point, we treat this as an actual legitimate threat. Updating this so @lindsayetumbls has more material, but if obscuruslupa, marzgurl, nashscribblings, atopfourthwall, kylekallgren, or any other TGWTG producer can reblog this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Updated: new threats made against Kaylyn Dicksion, aka Marzgurl.

I have my own personal screenshots that I’ve kept and sent to Lindsay so that she can actually do something legal with them, but basically yes, he has also threatened to rape me and kill my fiance, Josh. So, you know, just to further show that it’s a pretty serious issue.

If you see this person around, don’t engage him, don’t give him any attention. Screen cap if you need to and block him, and that’s all need be said about him.

Do not, I repeat DO. NOT. ENGAGE. HIM.

Screencaps. Send them to Lindsay. Block him.

the doctor who star trek crossover is awesome



Two can play at these games.

Finish reading Your Love Life, As Described by Videogames

New article written by me and illustrate by Coleman Engle, who is just the BEST. Go read it! 

ever notice that the real ghostbusters is in the same universe as other fictional stories? think about they have battled the Christmas ghosts from a Christmas carol, Cthulhu, the headless horsemen and they have met the ghost of Charles Foster Kane. which I find interesting, also my intro for most of these characters came from the real ghost busters.


Our dearest greninja, We have the pleasure to invite you to participate in ssbb , we hope to see you there. P.S avoid mewtwo fans

I love the idea of all new comers getting letter invites


Our dearest greninja,
We have the pleasure to invite you to participate in ssbb , we hope to see you there.
P.S avoid mewtwo fans

I love the idea of all new comers getting letter invites